About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves as a hard-working, sincere & upcoming. the company established in 1987 to meet the challenges of the emerging Indian. Industrial Horizon for designing & construction of high-rise structures. We have efficient resources, Manpower, Material & technical abilities.

Till date, we have executed many types of jobs like Cement Silos, Bridge Piers, Esr Water Shafts, Ash Handling Silo, Enzyme Towers, And Ventilation Shafts of Hydropower project (Horizontal slip form). 1-Ton Capacity Mobile Crane with a swinging boom for the atomic power project. Currently, we are engaged in lining work of Gate Shafts (Elliptical Shape), Surge Shafts & Pressure Shafts for Hydropower project & we have also bagged a prestigious project in Bangladesh for constructing Cement Silos with help of indigenous Hydraulic Slipform System. We also undertake designing fabrication & supply of form works like Mobile Arch, Tunnel Shuttering, Mobile Kerb Lining Shuttering, Mobile Horseshoe Tunnel Formworks, Girder Shuttering, cantilever shuttering. our centering scaffolding & shuttering material for Bridges, Flyovers, Treatment Plants, Dams Commercial, Industrial & High Rise Structure are economically designed to sustain a highly corrosive environment to match everyone's budget.

Sister Concern Company of ConstroSystems: SONU CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEER'S LLP.

who we are?

We have executed different type of Slip-form works in India, South Africa, U.A.E. & Bhutan.,Like:
  • Cement silo's by slip form techniques
  • Bridge Piers straight and tapered with Slip form Technique
ESR water shafts and underground surge shaft for Hydropower with slip form techniques in Mumbai for BMC water tunnel project. Clinker Silo constructed including carrying Roof Girder for casting slab at the top level with specially design the Slip form system without affecting the work of concrete and steel team. We have done concrete lining of Gate Shafts (Elliptical), Surge Shaft with gate groove, Pressure shaft with single side formwork of slip form system.
Also, we manufacture with design & drawing Tunnel Lining Equipment (Tunnel Formwork) for MUMBAI WATER TUNNEL (BMC Project), with Circular in Invert Tunnel Lining Equipment have both side Cantilever boom for shifting of Invert from the back side to front side and Tunnel Lining Equipment travel on Invert shutters.

We have supplied a continuous casting Tunnel Formwork for casting a circular Tunnel including the Invert & Overt at the same time a special monorail was incorporated in the system to lift rework and transport free invert shutters from completed area to the front of the Tunnel Gantry so that movement is continuous this system was designed and manufactured to be used for BMC water supply project.

We have supplied special type of Tunnel Gantry Formwork for IRCON J & K Project, for Lay by and Escape Tunnel.

Tunnel Gantry Formwork specially designed for saving the time of Erection & Dismantling work of the Tunnel Gantry Formwork from 1st Location to 2nd location. Tunnel gantry Formwork has an arrangement for side shifting, Rotating, and longitudinal Travel movement.

Recently we have supplied a special type precast culvert Formwork to Agra- Lucknow Road- NHAL Project.

Culvert Formwork designed to cast in vertical position, Culvert Formwork lifted as a single unit with Internal & External Formwork.

Culvert Formwork specifically designed to save time and labor cost for Erection & De- shuttering the systems.

We Also Undertake the Following Work In Slip Form

  • Slip form with design, drawing & Execution
  • Sale of Slip-form material including Shutter, Yokes, Jacks, Power Pack etc.
  • Slip form Execution Supervision including evaluation and quality check of your material.
We also undertake designing fabrication & Supply of Formwork like
  • Mobile Arch Tunnel shuttering (Tunnel Gantry)
  • Kerb lining Tunnel Gantry
  • Circular Formwork Tunnel Gantry
  • 'D' shaped tunnel Gantry