Kerb Formwork / Kicker Formwork / Starter Formwork Manufacturer Company in Mumbai, India

FAQ for Kerb Formwork

Kerb Formwork is also known as starter/Kicker In Construction work, before any construction starts for wall or columns it require 100mm to 500mm kerb/starter/kicker Vertical concrete has to overlap the formwork on the old concrete (Kerb Concrete) Eg. In construction of a tunnel the concrete lining has to be done as per the profile drawing issued by the designer/consultant And the concrete lining sequences/ method is also given by the designer/consultant
Step-1 Kerb Concrete
Step-2 Overt Concrete
Step -3 Invert Concrete
And therafter the kerb formwork, hydraulic/Mechanical is designed & supplied by the Manufacturer to civil construction company
Kerbs are made of a variety of materials. Including asphalt, stone and masonary blocks but portland cement is the most commonly used material, The materials used are dependant on the end use.